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Because your mission can become what you envision with the right strategy and support. 

We are peers, not consultants. 

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Mission By Design

We are a team of nonprofit professionals, actively engaged in managing and operating successful nonprofit organizations. We started Mission By Design to provide the services we wish we had at our disposal.


We are here to offer our experiences and expertise to further other worthy causes, like yours. You can do everything you dream with just a little extra help – and we are here to fill the gaps. We pledge to care for your mission as much as you do and to forward it with enthusiasm. We provide the strategy, management, fundraising, and training to put you over the edge.


Our Services

Our extensive experience and team approach to helping you meet your goals and budgets is a tall order. We are not intimidated and you shouldn't be either. We stand ready to become your guides to success.


We will not only set-up your nonprofit for continued growth and stability, but we will join you through the process to ensure the timely and effective execution of all plans. Our goal is to turn your mission into your donor’s mission, to drive growth from a point of shared passion, and to do the right thing. 


How We Serve Nonprofits



  • Audience and Community Building

  • Tactical Decision Guiding

  • Marketing Automation

  • Board/Executive Development

  • Best Practices



  • Project Management

  • Change, Transition, and Crisis Management

  • I.D.E.A. Process™

  • Execution of Tasks

  • Implementation Oversight



  • Annual Appeal Optimization

  • Online, Digital, Social, and Email Campaigns

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Capital/Special Campaigns

  • Strategy and Planning



  • Branding Services

  • Visioning and Planning

  • Budgeting

  • Start-Up (Incorporation, IRS Form 1023, etc.)

  • Initial/Ongoing Compliance




We focus primarily on helping small to mid-sized organizations from $500 to $5,000,000 in annual revenue. We serve this niche specifically because the services these organizations need to advance their missions are usually offered by specialists that typically price these smaller organizations out of the market. It’s been our experience that these organizations have the greatest impact - they have passion for their cause, a small staff that dedicate their blood sweat and tears to the mission, and are in the trenches daily. Our clients are small enough to have limited bureaucracy – allowing us to work quickly and without resistance - but are so impactful that we are motivated to work as partners and to go above and beyond out of pure passion.


42 Million Dollars Raised

Our ideas and efforts have resulted in our clients raising over $42,000,000.00 for many worthy causes.



Years Serving communities

Our core team of professionals carry with them more than 29 years of combined experience – not including our network pros.



Nonprofits Impacted

With so many nonprofits that we have worked with, it’s no wonder our competencies are so broad.

Meet Our Founder

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Kevin M. Kacvinsky

Nonprofit Strategist


  • Start-Ups

  • Advanced Giving Strategies

  • Annual Funds

  • Marketing Automation

  • Infrastructure

  • Creative Planning

  • Database Set-Up

  • Assessment and Crisis Management


  • Masters in Church and Nonprofit Management – Villanova University
  • Employment History Includes Fundraising for Catholic Universities
  • Founded and Continues to Operate Missions of Hope
  • Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA but currently lives in San Diego, CA
  • Has a passion for missionary outreach efforts and causes that serve the homeless

Our Proprietary Products

When something works well, it often makes sense to do it again. Throughout our experiences in working with clients, it occasionally happnes that we develop something so impactful and scalable that we decide that it's worth sharing with others. We package these benefits into prodiucts to offer to other worthy causes at a more affordable rate.



An innovative donation platform for Cathoilic organizations that rounds-up credit card transactions and donates the cents to you. We offer marketing and promitional support.

Marketing Automation 

We help clients implement best practices in terms of communication, lead capture, on-boarding, task management, sales, and giving utilizing technologies such as Infusionsoft. 

Virtual Baby Bottle Drive™

A way for baby-centric nonprofits to accept donations similar to baby bottle drives, but without the need to distribute bottles and collect coins. It's all virtual. We help our clients market their drives.




The Sacred Page Project

Kevin Kacvinsky is the most trusted, reliable, innovative, and dedicated development person anyone could ever hope to work with. Without his insight and inside knowledge, Brant Pitre, John Bergsma, and I never would have been able to launch The Sacred Page Project, our nonprofit which advances the work of Biblical scholars. Had it not been for his vision and expertise, our project certainly never would have even got off the ground. He makes connections no one else would think of making and always has exciting solutions to what seems like insurmountable obstacles."

Dr. Michael Barber    /   President, Sacred Page Project

Pope John XXIII Institute

Not only was the Mission By Design team always professional, but they were extremely interested in understanding our underlying needs (notably better than we did!), and in satisfactorily addressing them. In any instance where it was beyond the scope of their area of expertise, they would promptly obtain the competent involvement of a licensed practitioner. Our consultant was regarded as having a truly caring personality, and transparent integrity.

Mr. John A. Dufek   /   Board Member Emeritus

The Saint John Institute

Kevin is the hardest working, most intelligent, and kindest individual I've ever been graced to encounter in my life as a Catholic Priest and Religious.  His skills range from solving complex logistical problems on the mission field in the favelas of Bahia, Brazil, to the mobilization of immense and adaptable structures in the field of fundraising and financing for the Saint John Institute in Denver Colorado.  Professionally and personally I cannot think of a more qualified and delightful man - full of faith, creative, inspiring and always energized to tackle a challenge.

Fr. Francis Therese Krautter, CSJ    /   Director of Student Formation


Notre Dame College Prep

Working with this team has been nothing short of fantastic! Not consultants who are all idea-people and then leave you to do the heavy lifting. They do have great ideas, but then this group really rolls up their sleeves and helps get the work done. I wish all of my consulting experiences were like this.

Laura Sonnefeldt Curley   /   Managing Director of Institutional Advancement


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